Common’hood Free Download For PC

Common’hood Free Download For PC

On November 9, 2022, Plethora Project released Common’hood, an interactive simulation game.

With highly customizable base building tools, Common’hood is a game for community building and economy management. Find materials, build a house, grow your own food, research new technologies, make new tools.

Build a thriving community by growing food, creating shelters, workshops and eventually cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Your workshop gives you access to unique materials for creation, where you have every detail in hand.

About the game

Anyway, Common’hood is a fascinating game where the story of what happened here unfolds as you look around the items and see why things are so neglected.

I like the way things play out in the game and the way you can talk to your people, you’ll care about them and want them to do well in this new community you’re trying to build.

Common’hood Download For PC


If you’ve played any other style of community building before, you’ll feel right at home with what Common’hood has to offer. You start small with a few places to sleep, the basics to grow your own food, and so on.

Eventually though, you’ll be able to build your community as you scavenge and find new and useful items. Items that can eventually be used to build machines that automate much of the work that needs to happen.

It’s like a constant work in progress and that’s something that I think will really drive people to keep playing to see what they can build next for their community.

There’s also a social aspect where you can share the things you’ve created with other players online and I’m very interested to see how that plays out once the game is fully released.

Common’hood Gameplay

Game features

  • Your settlers will have needs and desires. Lift them out of poverty and misery to become key members of a healthy community.
  • Use a wide variety of construction stations to develop unique automated technology. Once the bots start doing the heavy lifting, sit back, relax and watch things grow
  • Highly Customizable Base Building: Enjoy highly customizable tools for building your community, creating shelters, and creating workshops.
  • Building Process: Start small and gradually build your community by finding useful items and expanding your resources.
  • An Unfolding Story: Explore the dilapidated world and uncover the story behind what happened as you observe details and work with objects.

System requirements for Common’hood

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867
  • File size: 5 GB
  • Opearting System: Microsoft Windows 7 or better

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Note – if you realize your file is not working or corrupted, We are so sorry for that. Please contact us or comment with the game which is not working and we will fix it in 24 hours.

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