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Granny Chapter 2 Download Full Version for PC Free

Assuming you realize that Grandma works earlier, running around that house should be seriously creepy. Grandma: Chapter 2 Elements Grandma and Grandpa are tasked with getting anyone into their spooky home.

There are a lot of thrills and shakes in this spin-off, and you want to deal with it, or you’ll lose the game. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Seeing any of the old timers can be weird, especially if they grab you and knock you to the ground. To know how it can help you in this game, please download

About Grandma Chapter 2

Granny: Chapter 2 is a spin-off of the creepy Granny game that most players have already experienced. This new one is creepier because Grandma has Grandpa with her to haunt your house.

Get into training mode because you want a decent visual of the whole house. Try not to jump right away. Focus on the design of the room and things. The house is small, but the plan is exciting, and you may find yourself with two old-timers in one room.

The training mode has no grandpa or grandma, so take it easy and explore every room before playing the standard mode.


When you start out in Granny: Chapter 2, seeing either an old timer can scare your brains out. So repeat these experiences until you get them anywhere in the house.

As you solve the puzzles, you should remember that they may be old, but their hearing is empathetic. Move carefully, reasoning that as soon as Grandma hears the slightest sound, she will run towards you.

Then again, Grandpa could be better at the uproar, so their mix makes it hard to mislead them. Use surveillance cameras inside the house to help you detect them.

Recall the objects and their area. Make a spare place for everything you want to find, because you can pass each thing at once. This would be a room for a couple as it has many places to escape when you are both trapped.

Grandma: Chapter 2 Features

  • Unpleasant visual and audio effects in general throughout the game
    Grandpa goes with grandma to the haunted house
    Basic but irresistible interactivity
    Exercise mode accessible to ignore your fears
    More amazing puzzles to solve and fold in 5 days
  • Scary Granny Chapter Two is an exciting, gruesome escape game experience.

As a spin-off of the startling grannies, the second section of the scary grannies takes on the style and interactivity of the previous work. In the game, players should solve different ways to get out of the room and be careful not to be found by the grandparents.

The second part of Horror Granny plans five levels of difficulty for players. Interested players will come and download it.

Including interactivity

You have now moved from your grandmother’s old house to her beloved grandfather’s home. You wake up in another dark and damp room, feeling groggy and having a migraine after a rough road trip.

There are different locks on the base entrance. You have to look through the house, observe things that can open them, then open the entrance and escape the house.

But it would help if you were careful because grandma hears everything to not surprise anyone. Grandpa also wanders around in an unknown house, his hearing isn’t generally excellent, but assuming he can see you, he’s perfect for taking off.

In addition, in the back of the house, there is a horrible minimal creature that Grandma and Grandpa like. To no one’s surprise, if you drop something on the floor or walk on a creaking floor, Grandma will start rushing to where the commotion is.

Likewise, it would help if you focused on her bear trap. You can hide it under the bed or in storage, but still, be careful. The moment you hide, they won’t see you.

Escape method

There is a sewer in the lower part of the house. There you can track down an old corroded transporter. Assuming you figure out how to activate it and open the entrance, you can take off that way.

You can use two weapons found in the house to protect yourself from the grandparents. Even if it’s only temporary, it’s worth the effort.

Five game modes

Undeniably demanding, problematic, typical, straightforward, and practical. You can try different things if you are practically in mode and in a household without grandparents.

But let’s remember that the house is not entirely without risk. Grandma and Grandpa will let you stay at home for 5 days. On the off chance that you forget to escape on the last day… You might realize what’s going to happen. Good luck!!

Freedom procedure

There are many ways to clear the game; a well-known way to clear the game is to open the entrance.

There are wooden plates and high-voltage power dies at the game’s entrance. Players must track down the crowbar in the house and drop the wooden board from the entrance.

After removing the entrance plate, go upstairs to the room where you were conceived and find the wheel to turn on the switch on the counter. Then go to the third floor and see the representation. After removing it, you will see an electrical box. Use pliers to drop the wires. Cut it to close the die.

After turning off the power nut, the entrance door handle is still missing. Search the house for a brilliant key, go to the second floor’s mysterious room, open the safe, and get the doorknob.

After installing the door handle, there is still a lock on the door that should open. You really need the blue key to open this lock. You can go into the space and get the blue key. Here and there, the blue key is also on the grandfather’s body.

System Requirements for Granny Chapter 2 PC (Minimum)

  • Memory: 4 GB.
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-750.
  • File Size: 870 MB.
  • OS: Windows 7,8,10.

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