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Project IGI Apk Download for Mobile

Project IGI 1 Apk Download is a tactical shooter. This game is produced by Innerloop Studios. This game was published by Eidos Interactive.

This game was released on December 8, 2000. The game can be played by one player. To know more information about this game, read this entire article.

About the game

Project IGI 1 Apk Download is an excellent PC game that is very popular, with thousands of shooting games worldwide, and people would love to play this game.

The game has a great story about David Jones, the secret agent of the British Institute of the game and the main character.

In this game, you fight your enemy alone, get to the enemy bases and try to destroy all the enemies. You will have to face difficulties while going through the missions.

Project IGI 1 Download Full Game for PC


In Project IGI 1 Apk Download, you play the protagonist Jones, a commando. Infiltrates terrorist Jach Priboi’s base. He was tasked with capturing Priboi and then obtaining information about a stolen warhead that was a threat to the US.

He gets Priboi and then escapes in a helicopter, but the Russians shoot the helicopter down. They capture Priboi and Jones’ equipment; now, Jones must recover his equipment and clear the border safely.

During his expedition, he learns of Ekk’s involvement. He then decides to capture Ekk, this story’s main villain. When they first come face to face, Ekk completes the escape. But after that, Jones gets her again and kills her to get the Warhead back.

This game has straightforward but exciting gameplay. Many new weapons are included in this game, such as MP5, Bazooka, Dragunov, and Deeagle. Also, the graphics are so remarkable that the critics called them excellent.

Features of the Project IGI 1 Apk Download

  • Impressive first-person shooter.
  • Simple but exciting gameplay.
  • Impressive sounds.
  • Impressive stunning HD graphics.
  • The soundtrack is awe-inspiring.
  • Large selection of weapons
  • Fun gameplay
  • The story of the game is very amazing
5/5 (1 Review)

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